Northeast Asia: History, Politics, Economy, Society

Obstacles to missionary success in nineteenth century China 
Ellsworth C. CARLSON • ASJ 4:1 (1966)

A new concept of law, a study of Dr. Sun Yat Sen's political philosophy 
LIU Shia-ling ASJ 4:1 (1966)

Meiji Buddhism: Religion and patriotism 
Minoru KIYOTA ASJ 4:1 (1966)

A translation of "Hokan" by Junichiro Tanizaki 
Edilberto ALEGRE ASJ 4:1 (1966)

Korea, focus of Russo-Japanese diplomacy (1893-1903) 
Ian NISH ASJ 4:1 (1966)

Japan's southern advance: the Indochina phase 
Stephen UHALLEY Jr. ASJ 4:1 (1966)

Chinese strategy and intent during the Sino-Indian border dispute 
Donald R. HETZNER ASJ 5:2 (1967)

The conversion of the Alani by the Franciscan missionaries in China in the fourteenth century 
Frank W. IKLE ASJ 5:2 (1967)

Pearl Buck and the Chinese novel 
George A. CEVASCO ASJ 5:3 (1967)

The 31st general election in Japan: Political turning point?
George AKITA ASJ 5:3 (1967)

The opening of Japan, 1849-1854: America "Finds the Key"
Michael ONORATO ASJ 6:3 (1968)

Soviet and Chinese revolutionary strategy: Comparison and evaluation at the present 
Roger HAMBURG ASJ 6:3 (1968)

Japanese policy and the Indian National Army
Joyce LEBRA ASJ 7:1 (1969)

The military and nation-building in Korea, Burma and Pakistan
David CHANG ASJ 8:1 (1970)

Chinese communities in Eastern Java: a few reviews
C. BAKS ASJ 8:2 (1970)

Some proposed solutions and/or alternatives to the problem of Korean unification: a political-geographical analysis
Lydle BRINKLE ASJ 9:1 (1971)

The People's Republic of China as a nuclear power: A study of Chinese statements on global strategy
Leo Y. LIU ASJ 10:2 (1972)

An analysis of the June 17, 1971 agreement between Japan 
and the United States
Valentine J. BELFIGLIO ASJ 10: 2 (1972)

Aesthetic values in contemporary Japan: The effects of industrialization 
and a consumer economy on Japanese aesthetic values
Edward A. OLSEN ASJ 10:2 (1972)

Political culture as a factor of political decay in China and Japan
Yearn H. CHOI ASJ 10:3 (1972)

States as Managers of International Labor Migration: The Cases of South Korea and Taiwan
Vicente Angel YBIERNAS ASJ 50:2 (2014)

Macro-Historical Conditions for a Reconciliation in East Asia: Remaking History in an Age of Civilizational Crisis
Kinhide MUSHAKOJI ASJ 50:2 (2014)

Social change and political legitimacy in warlord China
Anthony B. CHAN ASJ 11:1 (1973)

The erosion of the bi-polar power structure in the 1960's: Its impact upon East Asian international politics
Josefa M. SANIEL ASJ 11:2 (1973)

The intellectual's play: A brief discourse on the Noh
Amelia LAPENIA-BONIFACIO ASJ 11:2 (1973)

Financial diplomacy: Takahashi Korekiyo missions of 1904-1905
Gary Dean BEST ASJ 12:1 (1974)

The end of the post-war period in United States-Japanese relations
Edward A. OLSEN ASJ 12: 2-3 (1974)

The May fourth movement and the origins of Chinese marxism
Luis V. TEODORO, Jr. ASJ 13:1 (1975)

Women of North Korea--yesterday and today
Soon Man RHIM ASJ 13:1 (1975)

Social distance in Iloilo City: A study of anti-Chinese attitudes in the Philippines
John T. OMOHUNDRO ASJ 13:1 (1975)

The great proletarian cultural revolution 
Felisa Uy ETAMADI ASJ 13:2 (1975)

The theoretical basis of sexual equality and marriage reform in China
Sybilla G. DORROS ASJ 13:2 (1975)

United States policy on Japan war reparations, 1945-1951
Takushi OHNO ASJ 13:3 (1975)

Diplomacy in East Asia: An expression of general world views 
Frank W. IKLE
ASJ 14:3 (1976)

Evolution of Sino-American economic relations, 1784-1929: A survey
Paratha Sarathy GHOSH
ASJ 14:3 (1976)

Contemporary existentialism and the concept of naturalness in taoism and Ch'an (Zen) 
Robert K. LIN
ASJ 14:3 (1976)

Chang Hsueh-Liang on the Sian incident 
ASJ 14:3 (1976)

Recognition policies toward China: A comparative study
Herbert S. YEE ASJ 14:3 (1976)

The status of women in the People's Republic of China
Sybilla G. DORROS A
SJ 16 (1978)

The status of women in Japan: Yesterday and today
Soon Man RHIM ASJ 16 (1978)

The Eurocentric Worldview: misunderstanding East Asia 
Larry FIELDS ASJ 19 (1981)

The Status of Woman in China: Yesterday and Today 
Soon Man RHIM ASJ 20 (1982)

The Chinese natural religion: Confucianism and Taoism 
Paul CHAO ASJ 20 (1982)

The Sino-Soviet conflict: Post-Mao period, 1976-1979 
R.C. LADRIDO ASJ 20 (1982)

Reebok shoes and special economic zones: A case of local autonomy in China 
Mario I. MICLAT ASJ 30 (1992) 

Amending Japan's constitution and the re-arming of Japan 
Benito O. LIM ASJ 31-32 (1995)

The flying geese pattern of economic development in Asia and its socio-cultural foundations 
Carlota V. CORTEZ ASJ 31-32 (1995)

Economic reform in China 
Zhongdi ZHU ASJ 31-32 (1995)

Human rights discourse in the Asia-Pacific region: Implications for the Philippines 
Daniel A. BELL ASJ 36:2 (2000)

A comparative study of Chinese education in the Philippines and Malaysia 
Ellen H. PALANCA ASJ 38:2 (2002)

ASJ introduction: historical and cultural significance of Admiral Zheng He's ocean voyages 
Aurora ROXAS-LIM ASJ 39:1-2 (2003)

Chen Shui-Bian and Taiwan-China (Cross-Strait) relations: An initial assessment 
Edgardo E. DAGDAG ASJ 39:1-2 (2003)

The old kingdom Ryukyu memory strands in Okinawan traditional dance 
Matthew Constancio Maglana SANTAMARIA ASJ 39:1-2 (2003)

Virtual Spaces for Imaginable Marriages: A Discursive Analysis of Structured Powers for Foreign Brides in Taiwan 
Yeong-Shyang CHEN ASJ 40:1 (2004)

Rural China: From Modernization to Reconstruction
Tsui SIT and Tak Hing WONG ASJ 49:1 (2013)

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