Factors explaining the disparate of pace of modernization in China and Japan 
Allan COLE • ASJ 4:1

Samurai conversion: the case of Kumamoto 
George E. MOORE • ASJ 4:1

Meiji Buddhism: Religion and patriotism 
Minoru KIYOTO • ASJ 4:1

A translation of "Hokan" by Junichiro Tanizaki 
Edilberto ALEGRE • ASJ 4:1

Korea, focus of Russo-Japanese diplomacy (1893-1903) 
Ian H. NISH • ASJ 4:1

Japan's southern advance: the Indochina phase 
Stephen UHALLEY, Jr. • ASJ 4:1

The Japanese minority in the Philippines before Pearl Harbor; social organization in Davao 
Josefa M. SANIEL • ASJ 4:1

The 31st general election in Japan: Political turning point?
George AKITA • ASJ 5:3

The bonfire (Takibi)
Kunikida, DOPPO (Translated by Thomas E. Swann) • ASJ 6:1

The opening of Japan, 1849-1854: America "Finds the Key" 
Michael P. ONORATO • ASJ 6:3

Japanese policy and the Indian National Army 
Joyce LEBRA • ASJ 7:1 (1969)

The uses of Buddhism in wartime Burma 
Dorothy GUYOT • ASJ 7:1 (1969)

Japanese military administration in Malaya - its formation and evolution in reference to sultans, the Islamic religion, and the Moslem-Malays, 1941-1945
Yoji AKASHI • ASJ 7:1 (1969)

Urbanization and political opposition: the Philippines and Japan

Chikamatzu Monzaemon: a study in Japanese strategy 
Racquel Sims ZARASPE • ASJ 8:3

An analysis of the June 17, 1971 agreement between Japan and the United States
Valentine J. BELFIGLIO • ASJ 10:2

Aesthetic values in contemporary Japan: The effects of industrialization and a consumer economy on Japanese aesthetic values
Edward A. OLSEN • ASJ 10:2 (1972)

The attitude of Indonesia towards Japanese peace treaty
K.V. KESAVAN • ASJ 10:3 (1972)

Political culture as a factor of political decay in China and Japan
Yearn H. CHOI • 10:3 (1972)

One who preferred nettles: A Note on Tanizaki as a Novelist
Silvino V. ESPITOLA • ASJ 11:1 (1973)

The intellectual's play: A brief discourse on the Noh 
Amelia Lapena-BONIFACIO • ASJ 11:2

Financial diplomacy: Takahashi Korekiyo missions of 1904-1905
Gary Dean BEST • ASJ 12:1

The end of the post-war period in United States-Japanese relations
Edward A. OLSEN • ASJ 12:2-3 (1974)

Japanese colonialism and Korean economic development, 1910-1945
Betty L. KING • ASJ 13:3 (1975)

United States policy on Japan war reparations, 1945-1951
Takushi OHNO • ASJ 13:3 (1975)

Japanese cultural propaganda in the Philippines 
Mariano C. JAVIER • ASJ 13:3 (1975)

The lost lessons of Hiroshima and Nagasaki
Karen TAKAHASHI • ASJ 13:3 (1975)

Japan and the Philippines: From traditional to modern societies 
Josefa M. SANIEL • ASJ 15

The status of women in Japan: Yesterday and today 
Soon Man RHIM • ASJ 16

Three Japanese villages: A Filipino's glimpses of rural Japan
Leslie E. BAUZON • ASJ 17

The Japanese occupation in Malaya and in the Philippines: The Chinese factor, 1942-1945
Renato S. VELASCO • ASJ 28

The evolution of postwar Japan's cultural diplomacy: A theoretical interpretation  
Sylvano D. MAHIWO • ASJ 29 (1991)

Never imagine yourself to be otherwise: Filipino image of Japan over the centuries
Elpidio Sta. ROMANA and Ricardo T. JOSE • ASJ 29 (1991)

Philippine-Japan national perceptions from the 1900s to the present: A socio-psychological analysis
Elena L. SAMONTE • ASJ 29 (1991)

Philippine-Japan cultural relations: A Filipino view
Artemio D. PALONGPALONG • ASJ 29 (1991)

Masamuru, a vanishing breed of anglers
Cynthia Neri ZAYAS • ASJ 29 (1991)

Amending Japan's constitution and the re-arming of Japan 
Benito O. LIM • ASJ 31-32 (1995-96)

The flying geese pattern of economic development in Asia and its socio-cultural foundations 
Carlota V. CORTEZ • ASJ 310-32 (1995-96)

Japanese political and economic developments: Implications to Philippine security interests 
Romulo D. PERALTA • ASJ 33 (1997)

Expanding circles of goodwill: A study of social capital in a Filipino community in Kyoto 
Casilda LUZARES and Matthew Constancio Maglana SANTAMARIA • ASJ 39:1-2 (2003)

The old kingdom Ryukyu memory strands in Okinawan traditional dance 
Matthew Constancio Maglana SANTAMARIA • ASJ 39:1-2 (2003)

Transnational citizenship and deterritorialized identity: The meanings of Nikkei diasporas' shuttling between the Philippines and Japan 
Ohno SHUN • ASJ 44:1 (2008)

Compelling memories and telling archival documents and photographs: The search for the Baguio Japanese community 
Patricia AFABLE • ASJ 44:1 (2008)

Labor migration and minority group empowerment: The Nikkeijin in Davao and their association 
Asuncion Fresnoza FLOT • ASJ 44:1

The Iemoto system in Japanese performing arts in Southern California: Its transformation and influences on the diaspora musical practices 
Waseda MINAKO • ASJ 44:1 (2008)

Hybrid identities: Filipino fansubbers of Japanese media and self-construction 
Mizhelle D. AGCAOILI • ASJ 47

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