Factors explaining the disparate of pace of modernization in China and Japan 
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Obstacles to missionary success in nineteenth century China 
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A new concept of law, a study of Dr. Sun Yat Sen's political philosophy 
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Chinese strategy and intent during the Sino-Indian border dispute 
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The conversion of the Alani by the Franciscan missionaries in China in the fourteenth century 
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The record of an envoy's voyage to the West
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Pearl Buck and the Chinese novel 
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Soviet and Chinese revolutionary strategy: Comparison and evaluation at the present
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The Chinese in the Philippine revolution
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The Chinese in the Philippines and the Chinese Revolution of 1911
Antonio S. TAN • ASJ 8:1 (1970)

Chinese communities in Eastern Java: a few reviews
C. BAKS • ASJ 8:2

Kautilya and the legalist concept of state and government: a comparative study 
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The People's Republic of China as a nuclear power: A study of Chinese statements on global strategy
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Government legislation for Chinese secret societies in the Straits Settlements in the late Nineteenth Century 
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Political culture as a factor of political decay in China and Japan
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Social change and political legitimacy in warlord China 
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The Chinese in Southeast Asia: China commitments and local assimilation
 Llewellyn D. HOWELL, Jr. • ASJ 11:3 (1973)

China's diplomacy through art: a discussion on some of the archaeological and art finds in the People's Republic of China 
Aurora Roxas-LIM • ASJ 11:3 (1973)

The May fourth movement and the origins of Chinese marxism 
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Social distance in Iloilo City: A study of anti-Chinese attitudes in the Philippines
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The great proletarian cultural revolution
Felisa Uy ETEMADI • ASJ 13:2 (1975)

The theoretical basis of sexual equality and marriage reform in China
Sybilla G. DORROS • ASJ 13:2 (1975)

Evolution of Sino-American economic relations, 1784-1929: A survey 
Paratha Sarathy GHOSH • ASJ 14

Chang Hsueh-Liang on the Sian incident
Jiu-Hwa Lo UPSHUR • ASJ 14

 The relationship between the army and the party in China during the transitional period from 1967-1976
Leo Y. LIU • ASJ 14

Recognition policies toward China: A comparative study 
Herbert S. YEE • ASJ 15 (1977)

The status of women in the People's Republic of Chin 
Sybilla G. DORROS • ASJ 16 (1978)

The Eurocentric Worldview: misunderstanding East Asia

The Status of Woman in China: Yesterday and Today 
Soon Man RHIM • ASJ 20

The Chinese natural religion: Confucianism and Taoism 
Paul CHAO • ASJ 20  (1982)

The Sino-Soviet conflict: Post-Mao period, 1976-1979 
R.C. LADRIDO • ASJ 20  (1982)

Reebok shoes and special economic zones: A case of local autonomy in China 
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Filipinos in China before 1500
William Henry SCOTT

Philippine-China relations in the post-Cold War
Theresa CARINO • ASJ 31-32

China's military modernization program: Some lessons for the Armed Forces of the Philippines 
Tita S. TORIO • ASJ 31-32

Philippine-China bilateral-relations in the 1990s 
Luis T. CRUZ • ASJ 31-32

Economic reform in China

Zhongdi ZHU

Irrigation systems, management and central power: A study of the relationship between hydraulic technology and society in Sui and T'ang China 
Hans Hestvang JORGENSEN • ASJ 33

Islam in the Philippines and its China Link
Cesar Adib MAJUL • ASJ 35

Understanding the Taiwan Strait issue
Edgardo DAGDAG • ASJ 36:2

Philippines-China relations in the 20th century: History versus strategy 
Aileen San Pablo BAVIERA • ASJ 36:2

Tempest over the South China Sea: The Chinese perspective on the Spratlys 
Benito O. LIM • ASJ 36:2 

Impact of China's WTO entry on Sino-Philippine economic relations and on the Philippine economy
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The China Challenge to ASEAN: South China Sea disputes
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ASJ introduction: historical and cultural significance of Admiral Zheng He's ocean voyages 
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Rural China: From Modernization to Reconstruction
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Philippines-China Relations, 2001–2008: Dovetailing National Interests
Charles Joseph de GUZMAN • ASJ 50:1

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