Nineteenth Century Java: An Analysis of Historical Sources and Method
     Robert VAN NIEL

The Golden Store of History
     Conrad MYRICK

On the Changing Anglo-Saxon Image of Burma
     Emanuel SARKISYANZ

Concepts of Reality in Buddhist Thought
     John P. DRISCOLL

British Policy towards Siam, Cambodia and Vietnam, 1842-1858
     Nicholas TARLING

Development of Trade: An Appraisal of Thailand's Recent Experience
     Chomchai PRACHOOM

City Size Distrbution of Southeast Asia
     Hamzah SENDUT

Malaysia: Her National Unity and the Pan-Indonesian Movement
     Dieter KRAUSE

West Irian: Population Patterns and Problems
     Gottfried OOSTERWAL

The Role of Islam in the History of the Filipino People
     Cesar Adib MAJUL

Lunsay: Song-dance of the Jama Mapun of Sulu
     Eric CASIÑO

Baptism: "Bisayanization" among the Mandaya of Eastern Mindanao, Philippines

Philippine Masonry to 1890

Guardia de Honor: Revitalization within the Revolution
     David R. STURTEVANT

Leonard Wood: His First Year as Governor General, 1921-1922
     Michael ONORATO

The American Minority in the Philippines during the Pre-War Commonwealth Period
     Gerald E. WHEELER

Food and Population Problems in the Philippines
     Nathaniel B. TABLANTE

Implications of the 1965 Philippine Election a View from America
     Martin MEADOWS

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