Janus Isaac V. NOLASCO


Filipino Workers in Japan between 1980 and 2010: A Study of Political and Socioeconomic Mechanisms of International Migration
     John LAMBINO

Social Networks and the Employability of Filipinos in the United States
      Ruby ABSUELO and Peter HANCOCK

Pentecostalism and Pulitika: A Case Study in Tanauan, Batangas, Philippines
      Chuan Yean SOON

Contested National Development: Executive-Legislative Relations in American Colonial Philippines and the Cabinet Crisis of 1923
      Vicente Angel S. YBIERNAS


Indonesia 1965: Rehabilitating Victims, Rehabilitating Revolution
      Max LANE

Cross-Strait Relations: Diplomatic Entanglement or Rapprochement?
      Raymond Leh-Sheng WANG

Reclaiming the ASEAN Community for the People
      ACSC/APF 2015 – CSO Statement

Japanese NGOs’ 10 Recommendations for Revision of Japan’s ODA Charter

Why is the Umno-BN government using the Sedition Act to arrest people now?
      Francis LOH

Scholars, Writers and Thinkers Call for Academic Freedom in Thailand
     Various academics and scholars


Ryōsai Kenbo: The Educational Ideal of ‘Good Wife, Wise Mother’ in Modern Japan by Koyama Shizuko
      Reviewed by Angelo Christiane ARRIOLA

Misalliance: Ngo Dinh Diem, the United States, and the Fate of South Vietnam by Edward Miller
      Reviewed by Nicole CuUNJIENG

State and Finance in the Philippines, 1898-1941: The Mismanagement of an American Colony by Yoshiko Nagano
      Reviewed by Vicente Angel YBIERNAS

Patriarchy in East Asia: A Comparative Sociology of Gender by Sechiyama Kaku
      Reviewed by Alleson VILLOTA II


Hanoi October
      Thomas David CHAVES

Hacienda Haiku
      Pauline Mari HERNANDO

Bali, Indonesia
      Max LANE

To a Filipina in a Peony Garden/Ngadto Hin Filipina Ha Hardin Han Mga Peony
      Jose Duke BAGULAYA

      Kyoto University Campaign for Freedom and Peace


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