Peak Oil: The global crisis of diminishing petroleum supply in the Philippines 
Kevin RODOLFO • ASJ 41:1

Why produce ethanol from sugarcane in the Philippines? 
Teodoro MENDOZA ASJ 41:1  (2005)

The NGO campaign against water privatization in the Philippines 
Teresa Encarnacion TADEM • ASJ 40:2 (2004)

Cooperative bias in the redistribution of commercial farms and agribusiness plantations: The "illogic" of collective action 
Francisco LARA, Jr. • ASJ 40:2 (2004)

State policies and practices on transnational marriages 
Joseph Ryan INDON • ASJ 40:1 (2004)

People power in the Philippines: Between democratic passions and law 
Eduardo GONZALES • ASJ 39:1-2  (2003)

The power of discourse: NGOs, gender and National Democratic politics 
Dorothea HILHORST • ASJ 37:1-2 (2001)

Human rights in the Asia-Pacific: Impact on Philippines 
Daniel BELL • ASJ 36:2 (2000)

Is globalization a threat to the nationalist imagination?
Eduardo GONZALES • ASJ 36:1 (2000)

Federalism: An alternative system of Philippine government 
Jecy DURON • ASJ 30 (1992)

Some thoughts on state management
Sylvano MAHIWO • ASJ 30 (1992)

 National consciousness and arenas of struggle: The contradiction of the Philippine state
Raul PERTIERRA • ASJ 28 (1990)

Studies of urban poverty in the Philippines
Karina Constantino DAVID and Ofelia Regala ANGANGCO •
ASJ 13:1 (1975)

An example of conflict and authority in a Philippine community: A case study 
Raul PERTIERRA • ASJ 14:1 (1976)

Charismatic authority and Philippine political behavior: the election of 1953 
Jesse F. MARQUETTE • ASJ 10:1 (1972)

On models and reality: Some notes on the approaches to the study of elites in developing societies
Dante C. SIMBULANASJ 6:3 (1968)

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