Pearl Buck and the Chinese novel 
George A. CEVASCO • ASJ 5:3 (1967)

The bonfire (Takibi)
Doppo KUNIKIDA (Translated by Thomas E. Swann) • ASJ 6:1

The study of traditional Malay literature 
Ismail HUSSEIN • ASJ 6:1 (1968)

Maharadia Lawana
Juan FRANCISCO • ASJ 7:2 (1969)

The novel in the Philippines 
Petronilo DAROY • ASJ 7:2  (1969)

Peninsular prose fiction of the Philippines, 1859-1897 
Lilia Hernandez-CHUNG • ASJ 8:3 (1970)

Islamic allusions in the poetry of Iqbal
Leothiny S. CLAVEL • ASJ 8:3 (1970) 

Chikamatzu Monzaemon: a study in Japanese strategy 
Racquel Sims ZARASPE • ASJ 8:3

Themes in Philippine folk tales
Francisco R. DEMETRIO, S.J. • ASJ 10:1 (1972)

The earth-diver myth: Towards a theory of its diffusion in Asia
Rogelio M. LOPEZ • ASJ 10:3 (1972)

Two poems in Carlos A. Angeles: An experiment toward a poetics of the lyric poem
Gemino H. ABAD

One who preferred nettles: a Note on Tanizaki as a Novelist
Silvino V. ESPITOLA • ASJ 11:1 (1973)

Note Sur La Litterature tagale contemporaine

The intellectual's play: A brief discourse on the Noh 
Amelia Lapena-BONIFACIO • ASJ 11:2 (1973)

A preliminary catalogue of Bikol dramas
Maria Lilia REALUBIT

Sugbuanon drama: a list of plays 
Wilhelmina RAMAS • ASJ 11:3 (1973)

Sair Nona Fientje de Feniks: An example of popular Indonesian fiction in the first quarter of the century
Cyril William S. WATSON • ASJ 12:1 (1974)

The white man's burden
William L. BRADLEY

Philippine "seditious" plays 
Paul RODELL • ASJ 12:1 (1974)

Juan Pusong: The Filipino trickster revisited
Donn V. HART and Harriett E. HART

A preliminary list of Iloko drama
Filonila Madamba TUPAS • ASJ 12:2-3 (1974)

In the mountain-womb
Michael Manuel GONZALES

Potensiya, bisa, at anting-anting (Decoding belief system encoded in folklore) 
Prospero R. COVAR

The perception of neocolonial relations with the US: Nationalism in Filipino Literature in the 1960s 
Edgar MARANAN • ASJ 19 (1981)

The pabasa of San Luis, Batangas 
Linette Rivera MIRANO

Metaphor as social reflection: An essay on the poetics of Federico Licsi Espino, Jr. 

Forgetting: Poetry and the nation: a motif in Indonesian literary modernism after 1945 
Goenawan MOHAMAD • ASJ 35 (1999)

Angelica's Daughters: A dugtungan novel: Filipina American collaborative writing, art form and collective experience 
[Book review]
Michaela KECK

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