These articles examine the various aspects of the relationship between China and the Philippines. They cover inter-ethnic relations, territorial disputes, maritime conflicts, diplomacy and foreign policy, trade and economic development, and longstanding historical ties. The compilation gives researchers valuable information on Chinese diaspora studies, the Chinese in Southeast Asia, and/or China-ASEAN relations. 

Many of these articles were published in the 1960s and 1970s and as such feature pioneering research in their respective fields. More importantly, they provide illuminating historical perspectives on contemporary China-Philippines relations. 

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Anti-Sinicism in the Philippines
George WEIGHTMAN • ASJ 5:1

Inter-ethnic images of Filipinos and Chinese in the Philippines
Allen TAN and Grace DE VERA • ASJ 7:2(1969)

A survey of studies on anti-Sinoism in the Philippines
Allen TAN • ASJ 6:2 (1968)

The Chinese in the Philippine revolution
Philip GINSBERG • ASJ 8:1 (1970)

The Chinese in the Philippines and the Revolution of 1911
Antonio TAN • ASJ 8:1 (1970)

Notes on the Sulu Islands by Chu Fan Chi
Teh Ming WANG

The Chinese in Southeast Asia: commitments and assimilation
Llewellyn HOWELL • ASJ 11:3 (1973)

Social distance in Iloilo City: A study of anti-Chinese attitudes in the Philippines
John OMOHUNDRO • ASJ 13:1 (1975)

Chinese schools and the assimilation in the Philippines
Gerald SUSSMAN • ASJ 14:1 (1976)

The Japanese Occupation in Malaya and the Philippines
Renato VELASCO • ASJ 28 (1990)

Philippine-China relations in the post-Cold War
Theresa CARINO • ASJ 31-32 (1995-96)

Philippine-China bilateral-relations in the 1990s
Luis CRUZ • ASJ 31-32 (1995-96)

Managing Territorial Disputes
Aileen BAVIERA • ASJ 33 (1997)

The Chinese in the Philippines: Continuity and Change
Teresita Ang SEE • ASJ 33 (1997)

Islam in the Philippines and its China Link
Cesar Adib MAJUL • ASJ 35 (1999)

Philippines-China relations in the 20th century
Aileen BAVIERA • ASJ 36:2 (2000)

Understanding the Taiwan Strait issue
Edgardo DAGDAG • ASJ 36:2 (2000)

Tempest over the South China Sea: The Chinese Perspective on the Spratlys
Benito LIM • ASJ 36:2 (2000)

Impact of China's WTO entry on Sino-Philippine economic relations and on the Philippine economy
Hong Fang SHEN • ASJ 38:1 (2002)

A Comparative Study of Chinese Education in the Philippines and Malaysia
Ellen PALANCA • ASJ 38:2 (2002)

The China Challenge to ASEAN: South China Sea disputes
Aileen BAVIERA • ASJ 38:2 (2002)

Philippines-China Relations, 2001–2008: Dovetailing National Interests
Charles Joseph DE GUZMAN • ASJ 50:1 (2014)

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