These researches discuss the socio-political and historical developments in the Philippines under Spanish colonialism. Some of the papers look into the Filipino uprisings against the Spaniards; development of the Philippine society; and Philippine relations with other countries during the Spanish rule.

Philippine historical documents in the National Archives of Mexico 
ASJ 4:1

Philippine masonry to 1890 
• ASJ 4:2

Guardia de Honor: Revitalization within the Revolution 

Dutch relations with the Philippines:a survey of sources in the General State Archives, The Hague, Netherlands 

A proto-political peasant movement in Spanish Philippines: The Cofradia de San jose and the Tayabas Rebellion of 1841 
David SWEET • ASJ 8:1

General Artemio Ricarte y Garcia: a Filipino Nationalist 
Maria Pilar S. LUNA
• ASJ 9:2

The Cursillo Movement: Its impact on Philippine society 
Purificacion G. BAUTISTA • ASJ 10:2

The Encomienda in early Philippine colonial history 
Eric ANDERSON • ASJ 14:2

The Spanish-defined separatismo in Taal, 1895-96 
Manuelito RECTO • ASJ 14:2

The de Manila a Dagupan 
Michael GONZALES • ASJ 17

A comparison between the taxation systems in the Philippines under Spanish rule and Indonesia under Dutch rule during the 19th century 
Willem WOLTERS • ASJ 21

Dutch relations with the Philippines, 1600-1800 

The Inquilinos of Cavite and class structure in the late 19th century 
Soledad BUHLER • ASJ 21

Nationalism in the 19th century Manila 
Romeo CRUZ • ASJ 28

Apolinario Mabini and the establishment of the national church 
Aurora ROXAS-LIM • ASJ 35

The trade mission to Siam in 1718 in the context of Filipinas-Siam relations and Southeast Asian history 
Ferdinand LLANES • ASJ 35

Maria Clara and the market: Women and change in 19th century Philippines 
Norman OWEN • ASJ 36:1

From Cádiz to La Liga: The Spanish Context of Rizal's Political Thought
George ASENIERO • ASJ 49:1

The Emergence of Asian Intellectuals
Resil MOJARES • ASJ 49:2

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