Private lives, public passions: Motherhood in Juan Luna's art 
Raquel REYES • ASJ 36:1

The perception of neocolonial relations with the US: Nationalism in Filipino Literature in the 1960s 
Edgar MARANAN • ASJ 19  (1981)

Jama Mapun ethnoecology: Economic and symbolic
Eric CASIÑO • ASJ 5:1  (1967)

Lunsay: Song-dance of the Jama Mapun of Sulu 
Eric CASIÑO • ASJ 4:2 (1966)

Sugbuanon drama: a list of plays
Wilhelmina RAMAS • ASJ 11:3 (1973)

Decolonization through art
Brenda FAJARDO • ASJ 28 (1990)

Juan Pusong: The Filipino trickster
Donn HART and Harriett HART • ASJ 12:2-3 (1974)

A preliminary list of Iloko drama
Filonila Madamba TUPAS • ASJ 12:2-3 (1974)

Philippine radio - history and problems 
John A. LENT
• ASJ 6:1 (1968)

Maternal and child care among the Tagalogs in Bay, Laguna, Philippines
F. Landa JOCANO •
ASJ 8:3 (1970)

Some implications of the okir motif in Lanao and Sulu art
David BARADAS • ASJ 6:2 (1968)

Anitism: a survey of religious beliefs native to the Philippines
Stephen HISLOP • ASJ 9:2 (1971)

On Philippine Divinities 
F. Landa JOCANO • ASJ 6:2 (1968)

Faith Healing in the Philippines: An historical perspective 
Zeus SALAZAR • ASJ 18  (1980)

Peninsular prose fiction of the Philippines, 1859-1897 
Lilia Hernandez-CHUNG • ASJ 8:3 (1970)

The novel in the Philippines 
Petronilo DAROY • ASJ 7:2 (1969)

Ilocano Masculinities 
Alicia PINGOL • ASJ 36:1 (2000)

Themes in Philippine folk tales
Francisco R. DEMETRIO, S.J. • ASJ 10:1 (1972)

Art in Ifugao society
Aurora ROXAS-LIM • ASJ 11:2  (1973)

Philippine Shamanism and Southeast Asian parallels
Francisco R. DEMETRIO • ASJ 11: 2 (1973)

Philippine "seditious" plays
Paul RODELL • ASJ 12:1 (1974)

Maharadia Lawana
Juan FRANCISCO • ASJ 7:2 (1969)

Visayan cultural hyphenations: Between Local and Global Processes 
Jean-Paul DUMONT • ASJ 36:1 (2000)

The mattering of national bodies and sexualities 
Rolando TOLENTINO • ASJ 36:1 (2000)

A Preliminary Study of Ceiling Murals from Five Southeastern Cebu Churches
Reuben Ramas CAÑETE • ASJ 49:1 (2013)

Bayan Nila: Pilipino Culture Nights and Student Performance at Home in Southern California
Neal MATHERNE • ASJ 49:1 (2013)

From Tortillier to Ingsud-Ingsud:  Creating New Understandings concerning the Importance of Indigenous Dance Terminology in the Practice and Kinaesthetics of the Sama Igal Dance Tradition
MCM SANTAMARIA • ASJ 49:2 (2013)

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