The following articles discuss Southeast Asian regionalism and solidarity, development, territorial disputes, and political and economic relationships between and among Southeast Asian states. Arguably one set of the earliest articles on these issues, they provide a historical perspective on the development - political or otherwise - of Southeast Asian nations. Researchers can use this article to chart the trajectories of Southeast Asian countries since then until the present time.  

Asia unity and disunity: impressions and reflections (1964-1965)
Shen Yu DAI • ASJ 4:1 (1966)

 The failure of economic development and political democracy in Southeast Asia
K.G. TREGONNING • ASJ 5:2 (1967)

 Regional economic cooperation and integration movements and the Asian Development Bank -- hope of the less developed
Sunil BANIK • ASJ 6:3 (1968)

 Theories of external-internal political relationships: A case study of Indonesia and the Philippines
Martin MEADOWS • ASJ 6:3 (1968)

 The Philippines and Vietnam: another false analogy
John GATES • ASJ 10:1 (1972)

 Modernization and the secular state in Southeast Asia
Alfredo PARPAN • ASJ 10:2 (1972)

 The quest for development and the discovery of Asia by Asians
Asians by Gelia CASTILLO • ASJ 10:3 (1972)

 Unemployment and underemployment in the ASEAN countries 
Rene E. MENDOZA • ASJ 17 (1979)

 A historical background on the coming and spread of Islam and christianity in Southeast Asia 
Cesar Adib MAJUL • ASJ 14:2 (1976)

Some patterns of political and economic developments in the ASEAN 
Merlin MAGALLONA • ASJ 19 (1981) 

 Changing labor markets in a globalizing Asia: Challenges for Asian Trade Unions 
Rene E. OFRENEO • ASJ 38:2 (2002)

Preventive diplomacy in the Asia Pacific: Challenges and prospects for the ASEAN Regional Forum 
Raymund Jose G. QUILOP • ASJ 38:2 (2002)

The China challenge to ASEAN solidarity: The case of the South China Sea disputes
Aileen San Pablo BAVIERA • ASJ 38:2 (2002)

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