Understanding the Taiwan Strait issue 
Edgardo E. DAGDAG • ASJ 31-32 (1995-96)

Philippine-China bilateral-relations in the 1990s
Luis CRUZ • ASJ 31-32 (1995-96)

Philippine-China relations in the post-Cold War era 
Theresa C. CARIÑO • ASJ 31-32 (1995-96)

China's military modernization program: Some lessons for the Armed Forces of the Philippines 
Tita S. TORIO • ASJ 31-32 (1995-96)

Philippine-China bilateral-relations in the 1990s 
Luis T. CRUZ • ASJ 31-32(1995-96)

Managing Territorial Disputes
Aileen BAVIERA • ASJ 33 (1997)

Tempest over the South China Sea: The Chinese perspective on the Spratlys 
Benito O. LIM • ASJ 36:2 (2000)

Philippines-China relations in the 20th century: History versus strategy 
Aileen San Pablo BAVIERA • ASJ 36:2

The China challenge to ASEAN solidarity: The case of the South China Sea disputes 
Aileen San Pablo BAVIERA • ASJ 38:2

Preventive diplomacy in the Asia Pacific: Challenges and prospects for the ASEAN Regional Forum 
Raymund Jose G. QUILOP • ASJ 38:2

ASJ introduction: historical and cultural significance of Admiral Zheng He's ocean voyages 
Aurora ROXAS-LIM • ASJ 39:1-2 (2003)

Philippines-China Relations, 2001–2008: Dovetailing National Interests
Charles Joseph DE GUZMAN

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