Meiji Buddhism: Religion and patriotism 
Kiyota MINORU • ASJ 4:1

Concepts of reality in Buddhist thought 
John P. DRISCOLL • ASJ 4:2 (1966)

The uses of Buddhism in wartime Burma 
Dorothy GUYOT • ASJ 7:1

Buddhism and state in Ceylon before the advent of the Portuguese 
Urmila PHADNIS • ASJ 8:1 (1970)

The Zen concept of emptiness 
Violeta H. ADORABLE • ASJ 9:1

Buddhism in early Southeast Asia: a contribution to the study of culture change
Aurora ROXAS-LIM • ASJ 11:1 (1973)

The indigenization of Indonesian art
Nancy F. ROCAMORA • ASJ 11:1 (1973)

Contemporary existentialism and the concept of naturalness in taoism and Ch'an (Zen) 
Robert K. LIN • ASJ 14:3

A nativistic reaction of colonialism: the Sinhala-Buddhist revival in Sri Lanka
K.N.O. DHARMADASA • ASJ 12:1 (1974)

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