Development of trade: an appraisal of Thailand's recent experience 
Chomchai PRACHOOM • ASJ 4:2 (1966)

Can a single spark ignite a paddyfield?: the case of Thai insurgency 
Bruce J. ESPOSITO • ASJ 8:3 (1970)

The trade mission to Siam in 1718 in the context of Filipinas-Siam relations and Southeast Asian history 
Ferdinand C. LLANES • ASJ 35 (1999)

The Thai social movements and the democratization process: Challenging the Thai state through the anti-ADB campaigns 

Teresa S. Encarnacion TADEM • ASJ 37:1-2 (2001)

Leadership and democracy in Asia: The cases of the Philippines, Indonesia, Taiwan and Thailand
ASJ 37:1-2 (2001)

Performative Spaces: Babylon and Farose Gay Saunas 
Nikos DACANAY • ASJ 40:1 (2004)

How popular resistance derailed the privatization of Thailand's power sector
Violeta Perez-CORRAL • ASJ 40:2 (2004)

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