Dr. Juan R. Francisco was Professor of Indology at the Asian Center, University of the Philippines Diliman. He obtained his PhD in Sanskrit from the University of Madras (Chennai), in India. Professor Francisco conducted invaluable research on the Indian influences in Philippine culture, especially on the Maranaw version of the Indian epic, Ramayana. He is the author of "From Ayodhya To Pulo Agama-Niog: Rama's Journey To The Philippines" (1994). 

Below are the articles Dr. Francisco published in Asian Studies: Journal of Critical Perspectives on Asia. Apart from his work on India-Philippines cultural relations, Dr. Francisco wrote on language, identity, and culture.

Reflections on the Migration Theory vis-à-vis The Coming of Indian Influences in the Philippines

ASJ 9:3 (1971)

Maharadia Lawana

ASJ 7:2 (1969)

Further Notes on Pardo de Tavera's 'El Sanscrito en la Lengua Tagalog'

ASJ 6:2 (1968)

A Buddhist Image from Karitunan Site, Calatagan, Batangas Province

ASJ 1:1 (1963)

The Golden Image of Agusan: A New Identification

ASJ 1:1 (1963)

A Note on the Pa'gang, a Tagbanuwa Bamboo Musical Instrument

ASJ 5:1 (1967)

Philippine Society and Culture: Mechanisms for Strengthening National Consciousness and Unity

ASJ 30 (1992)

Bhinneka Tinggal Eka: The Development of a National Language in the Philippines

ASJ 34 (1998)