Asian Studies 10:3 (1972)

The primate city in Southeast Asia:
Conceptual definitions and colonial origins 

Robert R. Reed

The quest for development and the discovery of Asia by Asians
Gelia T. Castillo

Belgium and a Philippine protectorate:
A stillborn pan 
Arnold Blumberg

Two poems in Carlos A. Angeles: An experiment toward
a poetics of the lyric poem

Gemino H. Abad

Public perception of bureaucratic performance in Uttar Pradesh (India) and its impact on social change and modernization
Dhirenda K. Vajpeyi

Ideological and attitudinal differences
among Singapore trade union leaders 

Noeleen Heyzer
Peter D. Weldon
Gek Sim Wee

Agrarian reform communication: Concepts and methods
Leothiny S. Clavel

The attitude of Indonesia towards Japanese peace treaty
K.V. Kesavan

Political culture as a factor of political decay in China and Japan
Yearn H. Choi

The earth-diver myth: Towards a theory of its diffusion in Asia
Rogelio M. Lopez

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