The Status of Women in China: Yesterday and Today
     Soon Man RHIM

The Chinese Natural Religion: Confucianism and Taoism 
     Paul CHAO

The Sino-Soviet Conflict: Post-Mao Period, 1976-1979
     R.C. Ladrido

The Reagan Administration and the Indo-US Relations: New Directions and Options
     B.M. JAIN

Philippine Involvement in the Korean War: A Footnote to R.P-U.S. Relations
     Lily Ann POLO

Achievement Orientation and Political Attitudes: Implications of Diffusion of Technology among the North Indian Youth 
     Yagendra K. MALIK

Mak Yong: The Ancient Malay Dance-Theatre
     Ghulam-Sarwar YOUSOF

The "Legal vs. Illegal" Problem in CPP-ML Strategy and Tactics 
     A.S. MALAY


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