While the following articles speak of Islam and Muslims in the Philippines, they do offer a modest contribution to broader debates and issues on Islam and Southeast Asia; Muslim-Christian relations; the nation state; ethnic integration or separation; Islam and colonial society, etc. 

More significantly perhaps, these articles provide an illuminating historical, if not theoretical backdrop to the ongoing negotiations between the Philippine government and the Moro Islamic Liberation Front (MILF), which (will) have a huge political, social, cultural, and economic impact on Mindanao and Philippine politics as a whole. 

 Islam and Muslims in Philippine History, Politics and Society

Autonomy in Southern Philippines During the Marcos Administration 
Asiri Abubakar (1992) - ASJ 30

Muslim Philippines: With Reference to the Sulus, Muslim-Christian Contradictions, and the Mindanao Crisis
Asiri Abubakar (1973) - ASJ 11:1

The “Christian Problem” and the Philippine South
Joel de los Santos ASJ 13:2 (1975)

The Datus of the Rio Grande De Cotabato 
Jeremy Beckett (1977) - ASJ 15: 2 

Deceptive nationalism and the 1998: Philippine Centennial Commemoration: A Philippine Muslim's view 
Abraham Sakili (1998) - ASJ 34

Cultural exchanges between the Muslim and Christian worlds: Focus on the Philippines 
Aurora Roxas-Lim (2002) - ASJ 38:1

Muslim-American relations in the Philippines, 1899-1920
Peter Gowing (1968) ASJ 6:3 

Unity and disunity in the Muslim struggle
Samuel Tan (1973) ASJ 11:3

Referendum: A political option for Mindanao 
Abhed Syoud Lingga (2004) - ASJ 40: 2

Backrooms, Battlefields, and Backhoes: The Mindanao Conundrum (2012) ASJ 48:1-2 

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