Asian Studies 50:1 (2014)

Leading with Kevin Hewison's article on Thailand, the present of issue of Asian Studies: Journal of Critical Perspectives on Asia features four full-length articles, four commentaries, two reviews, and two poems. Each article can be downloaded directly for free; click on the cover to download the PDF of the entire issue. 

Table of Contents


Thailand: The Lessons of Protest

A Critical Consideration of the Use of Trauma as an Approach to Understanding Korean Cinema

Ju-Yong HA and Joel DAVID

Review Essay on "Perspectives on Philippine Languages: Five Centuries of European Scholarship"
Lawrence REID

Philippines-China Relations, 2001–2008: Dovetailing National Interests
Charles Joseph de GUZMAN


Turning the Page: Re-examining Standards in Academic Journal Publication
Asian Studies Editorial Staff

Hudud: Is UMNO Goading Pas?
Francis LOH Kok Wah

Introduction to "Crises, Vulnerability & Poverty in South Asia: Peoples’ Struggles for Justice and Dignity"
South Asia Alliance for Poverty Eradication

Japan, An Ambiguous Power
Valerie Anne VALERO


The Ruling Elite of Singapore: Networks of Power and Influence by Michael BARR
Reviewer: Joel ROCAMORA

Tapping Ink, Tattooing Identity: Tradition and Modernity in Contemporary Kalinga Society by Analyn SALVADOR-AMORES
Reviewer: Sharon MAPA-ARRIOLA


Human Wrong
Mohiuddin AHMAD

Student Lovers on a Hopei September
Thomas David CHAVES

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