Southeast Asia:
History, Politics, Economy, Society

Nineteenth century Java: An analysis of historical sources and method 
Robert Van Niel (1966) - ASJ 4:2 

On the changing Anglo-Saxon image of Burma 
Emanuel Sarkisyanz (1966) - ASJ 4:2

British policy towards Siam, Cambodia and Vietnam, 1842-1858 
Nicholas Tarling (1966) - ASJ 4: 2  

Development of trade: an appraisal of Thailand's recent experience 
Chomchai Prachoom (1966) - ASJ 4: 2 

City size distrbution of Southeast Asia 
Hamzah Sendut (1966) - ASJ 4: 2 

Malaysia: her national unity and the Pan-Indonesian movement 
Dieter Krause (1966) - ASJ 4: 2

West Irian: Population patterns and problems 
Gottfried Oosterwal (1966) - ASJ 4: 2 

The pattern of Indonesian migration and settlement in Malaya 
Shamsul Babrin Yunku (1967) - ASJ 5:2 

Relationship of musical and cultural contrasts in Java and Bali 
Fredric Lieberman (1967) - ASJ 5:2 

The partition of Brunei 
Leigh R. Wright (1967) - ASJ 5: 2

The failure of economic development and political democracy in Southeast Asia 
K.G. Tregonning (1967) - ASJ 5: 2 

Economic and technical feasibility study of cooperatives and credit in Laos 
Nathaniel B. Tablante (1967) - ASJ 5: 3

The study of traditional Malay literature
Ismail Hussein ASJ 6: 1 (1968)

Theories of external-internal political relationships: Indonesia & the Philippines
Martin Meadows ASJ 6:3 (1968)

The rise and demise of Konfrontasi: Impact on politics in Malaysia 
Jean Grossholtz ASJ 6:3 (1968)

Japanese military administration in Malaya - its formation and evolution in reference to sultans, the Islamic religion, and the Moslem-Malays, 1941-1945
Yoji Akashi ASJ 7:1 (1969)

The revolt of a Peta-Battalion in Blitar
Notosusanto Nugroho ASJ 7:1 (1969)

The military and nation-building in Korea, Burma and Pakistan 
David W. Chang ASJ 8:1 (1970)

The North Vietnamese regime: Expansion vs. consolidation
Allan Spitz ASJ 8:1 (1970)

The historical roots of Indonesian irredentism
Chong Guan Kwan ASJ 8:1 (1970)

The labour force of Sarawak in 1960
Swee Hook Saw and Siok Hwa Cheng ASJ 8:1 (1970)

Chinese communities in Eastern Java: a few reviews
C. Baks ASJ 8:2 (1970)

Can a single spark ignite a paddyfield?: the case of Thai insurgency 
Bruce J. Esposito ASJ 8:3 (1970)

Indonesia's contemporary political problems 
Deliar Noer ASJ 8:3 (1970)

The political style and the democratic process in Indonesia and the Philippines 
Yearn H. Choi (1971) ASJ 9:2

Indonesia-India Relations, 1955-1967
Nitish K. Dutt ASJ 10:2 (1972)

Modernization and the secular state in Southeast Asia 
Alfredo G. Parpan ASJ 10:2 (1972)

The Singapore Herald affair 
Joseph B. Tamney ASJ 10:2 (1972)

Primate city in Southeast Asia: Conceptual definitions and colonial origins
Robert Reed ASJ 10:3 (1972)

Government legislation for Chinese secret societies in the Straits Settlements in the late Nineteenth Century 
Siok-hwa Cheng ASJ 10: 2 (1972)

Ideological and attitudinal differences among Singapore trade union leaders 
Noeleen Heyzer, 
Peter D. Weldon, Gek Sim Wee ASJ 10:3 (1972)

The attitude of Indonesia towards Japanese peace treaty 
K.V. Kesavan 10:3 (1972)

Buddhism in early Southeast Asia: a contribution to the study of culture change
Aurora Roxas Lim ASJ 11:1 (1973)

The destruction of the Indonesian political party system:the PNI during the early years of guided democracy
Joel Rocamora ASJ 11:1 (1973)

The indigenization of Indonesian art
Nancy Rocamora ASJ 11:1 (1973)

Chinese in Southeast Asia: China commitments and local assimilation
Llewelyn Howell
 ASJ 11: 3 (1973)

Sair Nona Fientje de Feniks: An example of popular Indonesian fiction in the first quarter of the century
Cyril William S. Watson ASJ 12:1 (1974)

An historical background on the coming and spread of Islam and christianity in Southeast Asia 
Cesar Adib Majul (1976) - ASJ 14:2

Ideology in Indonesia's colonial administration 
Roman Dubsky (1976) - ASJ 14:2 

The changing female labour force in Singapore 
Siok-Hwa Cheng (1978) - 
ASJ 16

Unemployment and underemployment in the ASEAN countries 
Rene E. Mendoza (1979) - ASJ 17

The war of National liberation in Kampuchea, 1954-1970 
M. Ragos Espinas (1980) - ASJ 18

Some patterns of political and economic developments in the ASEAN 
M.M. Magallona (1981) - ASJ 19

Bolshevism in the colonies: Indochina and the "Philippine example" 
A.S. Malay (1981) - ASJ 19

The morality and economics of prostitution in Indonesia 
Rosalia Sciortino (1999) - 
ASJ 35 

Forgetting: Poetry and the nation: a motif in Indonesian literary modernism after 1945
G. Mohamad (1999) -
ASJ 35

Southwest Pacific dialogue: Indonesia's newest leverage in the Asia Pacific
Joefe Santarita (2002) -
ASJ 38:2

Anti-globalization movements in Southeast Asia 
Teresa Encarnacio Tadem and Eduardo C. Tadem (2003) - 
ASJ 39:1-2

How popular resistance derailed the privatization of Thailand's power sector 
Violeta Perez-Corral (2004)ASJ 40:2

Human rights discourse in the Asia-Pacific region: Implications for the Philippines 
Daniel Bell (2000) - ASJ 36: 2 

Teresa S. Encarnacion Tadem (2001) ASJ 37:1-2

Preventive diplomacy in the Asia Pacific: Challenges and prospects for the ASEAN Regional Forum
Raymond Jose Quilop (2002) -
ASJ 38:2

A Preliminary Study of Ceiling Murals from Five Southeastern Cebu Churches
Reuben Ramas CAÑETE (2013) ASJ 49:1

Bayan Nila: Pilipino Culture Nights and Student Performance at Home in Southern California
Neal MATHERNE (2013) ASJ 49:1

From Cádiz to La Liga: The Spanish Context of Rizal's Political Thought
George ASENIERO (2013) ASJ 49:1

From Tortillier to Ingsud-Ingsud:  Creating New Understandings concerning the Importance of Indigenous Dance Terminology in the Practice and Kinaesthetics of the Sama Igal Dance Tradition

Thailand: The Lessons of Protest
Kevin HEWISON (2014) ASJ 50:1

Review Essay on "Perspectives on Philippine Languages: Five Centuries of Philippine Scholarship"
Lawrence REID (2014) ASJ 50:1

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