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Malaysia: her national unity and the Pan-Indonesian movement 
Dieter Krause (1966) - ASJ 4: 2

The pattern of Indonesian migration and settlement in Malaya 
Shamsul Babrin Yunku (1967) - ASJ 5:2 

Interplay of structural and socio-cultural factors in the development of the Malay languages

The study of traditional Malay literature 
Ismail Hussein ASJ 6: 1 (1968)

The rise and demise of Konfrontasi: Impact on politics in Malaysia 
Jean Grossholtz ASJ 6:3 (1968)

Japanese military administration in Malaya - its formation and evolution in reference to sultans, the Islamic religion, and the Moslem-Malays, 1941-1945 
Yoji Akashi ASJ 7:1 (1969)

The labour force of Sarawak in 1960 
Swee Hook Saw and Siok Hwa Cheng ASJ 8:1 (1970)

Spatial aspects of Foochow settlement in West Malaysia with special reference to Sitiawan, Perak, since 1902 
S.H. Khoo, G. Cho and K.E. Chan (1972) ASJ 10:1 

Images of nature in Swettenham's early writings: prolegomenon to a historical perspective 
on Peninsular Malaysia's ecological problems

Robert S. Aiken (1973) ASJ 11:3 

Mak Yong: The ancient Malay Dance-Theatre
Ghulam-Sarwar Yousof (1982) ASJ 20

The Japanese occupation in Malaya and in the Philippines: The Chinese factor, 1942-1945
Renato S. Velasco (1990) ASJ 28

A comparative study of Chinese education in the Philippines and Malaysia 
Ellen H. Palanca
 (2002) ASJ 38:2

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