These researches include the political and social discourses on the American colonization of the Philippines; Philippine independence from American rule; and local and ethnic uprisings against the Americans.

The American debate on Philippine annexation at the turn of the century, 1898-1900
Rawlein Soberano (1974) - ASJ 12:1

Platforms of Philippine parties: The politics of expedience, 1902-1913
Rawlein Soberano (1975) - ASJ 13:2

Leonard Wood: His first year as Governor General
Michael Onorato (1966) ASJ 4:2

Taft's Views on "The Philippines for the Filipinos" 
Oscar Alfonso (1968) ASJ 6:3

The Philippine independence controversy from McKinley to Taft: The politics of accommodation 
Rawlein Soberano (1973) - ASJ 11:2

The American minority in the Philippines: Prewar Commonwealth period 
Gerald Wheeler (1966) - ASJ 4: 2

Manuel Quezon and the American Presidents
Gerald Wheeler (1966) - ASJ 2:2

The Colorum uprisings: 1924-1931 
Milagros Guerrero (1967) - ASJ 5:1

Religious problems in the Philippines and the American Catholic Church, 1898-1907
Oscar Evangelista (1968) - ASJ 6:3

The response to Harrison's Administration in the Philippines, 1913-1921
Napoleon Casambra (1969) - ASJ 7:2

American colonial education and its impact on Filipinas 
Caroline Sobritchea (1990) - ASJ 28

Muslim-American Relations, 1899-1920 
Peter Gowing (1968) - ASJ 6:3

The body, reason and power: Filipino elite cosmologies of state under the American Colonial Rule, 1890s-1920s 
Julian Go III (1998) - ASJ 34

The Making of a Philippine Province: Romblon During the American Colonial Period
Kristoffer ESQUEJO (2014) - ASJ 50:2