India and the Philippines

A survey of Philippine-India relations in the Post-Independence period 
Ajit Singh Rye ASJ 6(3) 1968

Reflections on the migration theory vis-à-vis the coming of Indian influences in the Philippines
Juan R. Francisco ASJ 9(3) 1971

The Indian community in the Philippines: a profile 
A.S. Rye (1981) - ASJ 19 

Indian penetration of pre-Spanish Philippines 
Malcolm Churchill (1977) - ASJ 15 

Maharadia Lawana
Juan Francisco (1969) - ASJ 7:2

India’s Politics and Foreign Relations

Southeast Asia and the scramble of the major powers for influence in the Indian Ocean
Ferdinand Z. Littaua ASJ 8(3) 1970

Indonesia-India Relations, 1955-1967 ASJ 10(2) 1972

Soviet foreign aid to India
Balwant Bhaneja ASJ 8(3) 1970

Chinese strategy and intent during the Sino-Indian border dispute
Donald Hetzner ASJ 5(2) 1967

Nepal and the Indian Nationalist movement
Kanchanmoy Mojundar (1972) ASJ 10(1)

The indian revolutionaries and the Bolsheviks-- their early contacts, 1918-1922
Arun Coomer Bose (1970)
 ASJ 8(3)

The Reagan Administration and Indo-US Relations
B.M. Jain (1982) ASJ 20

India’s Domestic Politics

Indian elections and after 
S.N. Ray (1967) - ASJ 5(3

The Indian National Army: Motives, problems and significance
Kumar Gosh Halya Halya ASJ 7(1) 1969

The Genesis of the DMK
Marican Mansoor (1971) ASJ 9(3)

Political Nationalism in British India: a review article 
Marican Y. Mansoor ASJ 9(3) 1971

Economic policy and political gains: The first phase of India's green revolution (1966-71)
Michelguglielmo Torri ASJ 12(2-3) 1974

North Indian intellectuals: perceptions and images of modernization ASJ 13(2) 1975

India's economic and political relations with Sikkim
Valentine J. Belfiglio ASJ 10(1) 1972

Public perception of bureaucratic performance in Uttar Pradesh (India) and its impact on social change and modernization
Dhirenda K. Vajpeyi ASJ 10(3) 1972

Gandhi: The Centennial Issue ASJ 7:3 (1969)

Political theory of Gandhi's Hind Swaraj
A. Parel

The early Gandhi on nationalism 
H. Paul Le Maire

Gandhi and Marx: Ideas on man and Society
Indira Rothermund

Economic thought of Gandhi
Devdutta Dabholkar

A reintroduction of Gandhian economic thinking 
Amritananda Das

Gandhi after independence
Narayan Jayaparkash

The relevance of Gandhi
Narayan Jayaparkash

Tagore and Gandhi: a study of their controversies 
Arun Coomer Bose

Gandhi's relevance to contemporary developments in Asia 
Nirmal Kumar Bose

The Gandhi centenary: more questions than answers 
Martin Deming Lewis

Indian Culture

The earth-diver myth: Towards a theory of its diffusion in Asia
Rogelio M. Lopez ASJ 10(3) 1972

An account of ancient Indian grammatical studies down to Ptanjali's Mahabhasya: Two traditions 
E. Orara and De Guzman (1967) - 
ASJ 5(2)

Eternal dryad of the Indian forest 
Anna F. Mangahas 
ASJ 9(2) 1971

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