Japan-Philippine Relations

Written by UP - Asian Center.

The following titles discuss the bilateral relations of the Philippines and Japan; construction of identities among the Filipino-Japanese; Japanese popular culture and migrant identities of Filipinos in Japan.

The Japanese minority in the Philippines before Pearl Harbor
Josefa Saniel (1966) - ASJ 4:1

Japanese cultural propaganda in the Philippines
Mariano Javier (1975) - ASJ 13:3

The Japanese in Malaya and the Philippines: The Chinese factor, 1942-45 
Renato Velasco (1990) - ASJ 28

"Never imagine yourself to be otherwise": Filipino image of Japan over the centuries 
Elpidio Sta. Romana and Ricardo Jose (1991) - ASJ 29

Philippine-Japan cultural relations: A Filipino View 
Artemio Palong-palong (1991) - ASJ 29

Philippine-Japan national perceptions from the 1900s to the present: A socio-psychological analysis 
Elena Samonte (1991) - ASJ 29

Expanding circles of goodwill: A study of social capital in a Filipino community in Kyoto 
Casilda Luzares and MCM Santamaria (2003) - ASJ 39:1-2

Japanese political and economic developments: Implications to Philippine security 
Romulo Peralta (1997) - ASJ 33

Three Japanese villages: A Filipino's glimpses of rural Japan 
Leslie Bauzon (1979) - ASJ 17

Transnational citizenship and deterritorialized identity: The meanings of Nikkei diasporas' shuttling between the Philippines and Japan 
Shun Ohno (2008) ASJ 44:1

Compelling memories and telling archival documents and photographs: The search for the Baguio Japanese community 
Patricia Afable (2008) ASJ 44:1

Labor migration and minority group empowerment: The Nikkeijin in Davao and their association
Asuncion Fresnoza-Flot (2008) ASJ 44:1

Hybrid identities: Filipino fansubbers of Japanese media and self-construction 
Mizhelle Agcaoili (2011) - ASJ 47

Diverging Narratives: Lives and Identities of Japanese-Filipino Children in the Philippines
Marrianne UBALDE (2013) ASJ 49:2

Remembering the Great Ancestors: Images of Japanese Emigrants from the Perspective of Third and Fourth Generation Philippine Nikkeijin
Ron Bridget VILOG (2014) - ASJ 50:2

Overcoming Language Barriers: Filipino/Japanese Youths as Transmigrants in the Philippines
Michiyo Yoneno-Reyes (2015) ASJ 51:1

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