Asian Studies 46:1-2 (2010) | Islam and Philippine Society: The Writings of Cesar Adib Majul

The Writings of Cesar Adib Majul

"Cesar Adib Majul is the author of ten reprinted articles that comprise the present volume of the Asian Studies journal. He is an erudite scholar, well-remembered by his colleagues, students, and friends in the University of the Philippines (UP), in academic circles in Southeast Asia, and in other parts of the world. It augurs well for the UP Asian Center that they are honoring him and his contribution to Philippine scholarship, especially his writings on Filipino nationalism and Muslims in the Philippines."

- Julkipli Wadi, ASJ 46:1-2 (2010)   

Islam and Philippine Society: The Writings of Cesar Adib Majul

Editorial Note
Eduardo Tadem

Julkipli Wadi

Islam in the Philippines and its China Link (1999)
Cesar Adib Majul

An Analysis of the ‘Genealogy of Sulu’ (1979)
esar Adib Majul

An Historical Background on the Coming and Spread of Islam and Christianity in Southeast Asia (1976)
Cesar Adib Majul

Some Social and Cultural Problems of the Muslims in the Philippines (1971)
Cesar Adib Majul

The Role of Islam in the History of the Filipino People (1966)
Cesar Adib Majul

Principales, Ilustrados, Intellectuals and the Original Concept of a Filipino National Community (1977)
Cesar Adib Majul

Asia and the Humanities (1973)
Cesar Adib Majul

National Identity and the Philippine University (1973)
Cesar Adib Majul

The Relevance of Mabini’s Social Ideas to our Times (1973)
Cesar Adib Majul

Social Background of Revolution (1971)
Cesar Adib Majul

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